The last couple months have been something…I spent the last 2 weeks really THINKING about life.

As a result, 20 minutes ago, I made a decision that would affect my immediate future. I was confident with my decision and I was ready to get ready for work tomorrow with that in mind.

I turn on my overused and yet weirdly neglected MacBook Pro and clickety click onto WordPress. (I use Google Chrome; incase you wanted to really know how I do)

I struggle for about 10 minutes, as I try to remember my password. It’s been a bloody age since I actually pressed the “Publish” button.

I’m in. Title, done. Today’s date, Sunday…wait, WHAT, it is Saturday, 2nd January 2016. It is not Sunday. I do not have work tomorrow. Tomorrow is not Monday.

Oh shit.

So the decision that I made, is it still valid? I have an extra day to mull it over. 85% of me knows the way Monday will play out… But what if I change my mind in 24 hours?

Bloody hell indeed…



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